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i swear i had to many references to not have a blog dedicated to them

my main blog is supernaturalling
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if anyone is sad

here is a game where you’re a giraffe and you stretch your neck to kiss other giraffes image

here is a game where you’re a bunny trying to jump on bells during winter image

here is a game where you try jumping to make the ladybugs around you fly away image

here is a game where you collect blue birds and fly together image

here is a game where you try to land on cars while flying about with an umbrella image

here’s a whole website full of cute games like the ones listed above!

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a masterpost of movies that relate to adolescence, love, partying, etc.
stuck in love / bandslam / sixteen candles / clueless / 10 things i hate about you / breakfast club / easy A / girl, interrupted / the runaways / ferris bueller’s day off / thirteen / the to do list / friends with benefits / crazy, stupid love / what a girl wants / 500 days of summer / perks of being a wallflower / the art of getting by / it’s kind of a funny story / the virgin suicides / the bling ring / john tucker must die / project x / freaky friday / LOL / the last song / dazed and confused / the social network / spring breakers / cyberbully / mean girls / the great gatsby / mouth to mouth / silver linings playbook / the internship
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Building your own Bunny Suit
Bunny suits seem to be coming back in certain cosplays, so to make your very own, built to you suit, here’s a really awesome tutorial on how to.

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